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Vijeo Designer™ HMI Software

The ideal design tool: just click and go Dedicated to Magelis® HMI configuration, Telemecanique Vijeo Designer software is a standout performer. Flexible, it handles design from the smallest applications for 3.8” terminals to the most demanding HMI applications of 15’’ industrial PCs. Open, its architecture adapts to all Magelis XBT GT platforms, as well as to Magelis Smart & Compact iPCs. Ingenious, it offers web, multimedia and data exchange functions to transform your automated system into art!

Now showing The latest Vijeo Designer video solutions allow you to view real-time or recorded video. Whether you choose Magelis XBT GT terminals or Magelis Smart & Compact iPC, Vijeo Designer optimizes your display for local or remote control of your installations.

Video view and record function

  • View your images in real time from a camera connected to Magelis XBT GT or iPC.
  • Encoding/decoding of your sequences with recording on demand in MPEG format on your Magelis XBT GT or in AVI format on your Magelis iPC.
  • Simultaneous viewing of recorded and real time sequences.
  • Display of third party MPEG format streaming on Magelis iPC.

Web Gate remote access function

  • Handle your HMI applications in complete security via a simple internet navigator using Ethernet architecture.
  • User-friendly data exchange

  • Using the “Data Manager” function, offer your customers a simple and efficient way of exchanging data with totally reliable traceability.
  • Data sharing between terminals

  • On Ethernet, easily exchange up to 300 variables between 8 Magelis XBT GT and iPC terminals in complete security.
  • The best of Schneider Electric

  • Directly import symbol files generated by Unity Pro™, TwidoSuite™, PL7, Concept™, ProWORX32™ and ModSoft™ controller programming tools.
  • Support of embedded diagnostic function (Diag Buffer) available on Modicon Premium® PLC and Quantum® PLC with Unity and Premium PLC with PL7 (Diag Buffer).
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