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Concept™ Software

High performance IEC 61131-3 development environment to optimize PLC performance

Concept software is the ingenious programming environment designed specifically to deliver optimal productivity from your high performance control systems. Designed for use with Modicon® Quantum™, Momentum™ and Compact™ PLCs, Concept is easy-to-use and minimizes configuration, programming and maintenance costs.

Concept software provides advanced Microsoft Windows® based tools that deliver a multi-language development environment for control system programming. Familiar, standardized editors are bundled in a single application to create and integrate PLC control, communication and diagnostic logic.


  • Choice of five IEC languages - Gives users the freedom to choose the programming language that fits their application requirements.
  • Reuse objects - Enables the programmer to create standard libraries of Derived Function Blocks (DFBs), which can be modified as needed. The change is automatically updated for each copy of the DFB.
  • Streamline programming - Macros duplicate frequently-used code, importing or exporting them to and from other Concept applications.
  • Achieve faster results - Testing and simulation tools enable applications to be fully tested and debugged before being installed on site.
  • FDA 21 CFR 11 - When combined with a Modicon Quantum 140CPU43412A or a 140CPU53414A, Concept provides an excellent solution for creating an FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant application.

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